9 Afghan asylum seekers deported from Sweden will arrive at Kabul international airport today…

Written by: Basir seerat and Translated by Abdul Ghafoor

From past few days news was circulating on social media about force deportation on 9 Afghan Asylum seekers from Sweden, but today police had used force against Activist groups who were demonstrating in front of the detention center to stop the deportation,

According to reports it won’t be only 9 Asylum seekers from Sweden arriving at Kabul Airport, but it will near to 30 asylum seekers arriving at Kabul International Airport today.

Activists were chanting slogans against deportation of Afghan asylum seekers back to Afghanistan. they were saying it is shameful for the Swedish police to send people back to a war torn country. which has not seen stability for more than three decades, and is still battling for peace .

Refugee rights activists say; Swedish police has bribed Afghan police authorities of Kabul International Airport to accept the deportees from Sweden, They say; those are being deported have no documents or passports, and Afghan police are receiving deportees from all over the world without any proper documentation.

Afghanistan ranks first in corruption in the world. and from the other hand they get bribery from Swedish Police to receive deportees sent back to Afghanistan.

Today in a meeting with deportees at the detention center. almost 7 of them had not been contacted by any lawyer or gone to any court.

I also contacted Afghan Embassy in Norway, and they did not even know about this happening. IOM also has confirmed to Swedish refugee activist group (far) that only two of them being deported are registered by IOM and they will be sent back to Afghanistan with proper documentations and legally. however the others will be sent illegally.

According to reports Swedish refugee right groups and activists are planning to organize a demonstration against the force deportation and Swedish police authorities for deporting people by force. The demo is planned to take place on 20th September 2013. Meanwhile another conference will be held in Stockholm university and the agenda of the conference will on migration to west. Two Afghan speakers also will represent Afghans in the conference.

Corruption is now a usual trade in Afghanistan, but foreign countries paying Afghanistan bribe to receive deportees is some thing new which activists are concerned about.

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