Presidential candidates vows to implement transitional justice


The presidential election candidates have vowed to take practical steps in implementing transitional justice against the war criminals in the country.

Head of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, Seema Samar said the candidates presented their plans and programs on transitional justice during a summit to mark the human rights day.

Samar further added that Afghanistan is facing considerable challenges in terms of human rights issues, and the rights of women and children are not respected.

She also added that the judicial institution of the country are also having problems since the rule of law is not properly implemented.

Samar said around 6000 people were killed in armed conflicts during the past one year and violence against women has increased by 24 percent as compared to last year.

According to Sarmar, at least 243 cases of honor killings and 123 rape cases were registered with the human rights commission of Afghanistan.

In the meantime, presidential candidates vowed to include implementation of transitional justice in their agenda, if they are elected as the next president of Afghanistan.

Work on transitional justice started nearly ten years ago when president Hamid Karzai was elected as the Afghan president, however no practical steps have been taken despite the independent human rights commission of Afghanistan completed its report regarding the war crimes which were committed during three decades of civil war.

Source: Khaama Press (KP)

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