Open letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

FarkhoAfter Many days mob killed 27 years old Farkhonda, social and human rights activist are still holding different campaigns to ask justice for Farkhonda. But shamefully, Afghanistan government and high officials did not have any talks about this violence case happened in center of Kabul.

People are following the case very seriously, they ask justice by protests in the street in big cities of Afghanistan and other countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, Indea, Tajikistan and Sweden…

Read the open letter to the High commission of Human rights of Afghanistan, written by the activist in Goteborg, Sweden.


Open letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Statement and open letter by the organizers committee of the memorial and commemoration of Farkhunda, regarding to the heartbreaking incident of killing and burning her on March 19, 2015.


Murdering Farkhunda led the whole world into a shock. She was lynched on accusation of burning holy Quran, which turned out to be false. But a huge number of angry men, without any investigation and only based on a false accusal beat her, threw her from the roof of the Mosque to the ground, stoned her, drove a car on her, and finally burned her body.

This tragic felony was taken place during the day and in one of the most crowded areas of Kabul city while the police forces, which are meant to keep security of citizens, were watching it.

After the incident, some of the high-ranking officials of Afghanistan government and some religious figures supported the crime with justifications based on religion of Afghanistan people. But we, on our stronghold against the violation of women rights and civil rights, in-order to stand for equality of both genders, and to respect humanity and social justice, for Farkhunda and all women of Afghanistan, ask for justice to be implemented.

In-order to bring up justice for Farkhunda’s judicial record, we ask the following conditions to be considered:

1. Stop religious discrimination and Islamic radicalism. And ban all kinds of radicalism fetishistic activities and superstitious jobs, such as soothsaying, divination, foretelling, and etc…

2. Confirm and approve of the complete version of prevention of violence against women act as soon as possible.

3. Recognition, capture, and retribution of those who were involved in the heartbreaking lynching of Farkhunda. In this regard, all of those who caused the incident, including the instigators, appellants, motivators, justifiers, and vindicators should be arrested. Especially we ask to bring Molavi Ayaz Niazi to the court. He is the religious figure who justified the lynching and is encouraging religious discrimination and Islamic radicalism.

4. Creation of a committee by the Afghan government to observe and control the activities of Ulema Council, missionaries, Mosques, and religious schools.

5. One of the main reasons, which caused the incident, was the irresponsibility and failure of the police forces. We ask the Afghan government to reprimand and punish the responsible people at the Ministry of Interior, specially the Minister and Kabul General Commander.

6. We ask the Afghan government to investigate and handle the issue of 31 Hazara passengers who have been abducted for several months.

7. We are asking from United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, governmental influences, the international organizations, communities, and legal assemblies to follow up the elimination of racial discrimination and gender bias, and elimination of violence against women at Afghanistan.

At the end, we express our sympathy with Farkhunda’s family. We promise that we will not give up until the murderers and motivators of this historical and humanitarian tragedy have been brought to the court, and until our demands have been achieved. Otherwise we will not settle down and we will continue our protests and ask for justice.

We are all Farkhunda.

This movement was arranged by  the Committee of the memorial and commemoration of Farkhunda –

Gothenburg, Sweden:

Soheila Haidari

Jalil Taghizadeh

Fereshta Haidari

Alex Afshar

List of association’s representatives:

Svenska Afghanistankommittén: SAK

8:e marskommittén i Göteborg


Fanos Förening

Medusahuset rådgivning center

and Rumi förening

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