Death penalty to a men who raped his daughter for 11 years

FDeathpanltyA Father who has nine children raped his own daughter for 11 years. Last year this father was arrested in urban area around Kabul city and his rape story was amplified in social media. The primary court sentenced him to death while he has 2 children from his raped daughter.

The primary court announced that all documents and evidences about the convict prove the mass of father.

Khatera, the daughter claims five-six time abortions.

“Many times he raped my in front of my other sisters. The family knew about father raping and arrest him with police assistance.

“According to evidences and documents and the 17th article of violence against women, the father was handled to a death penalty,” Sayed Ahmad, head of Kabul’s primary court said.

“I am happy of the court’s verdict, but I want the verdict to be implemented because if the court release him free, my live will be in danger,” Khatera said.

The civil society members who were present at the trial praised the primary court decision and called for his prosecution.

However, the suspected man who was arrested seven months ago due to his wife complaint denies all charges against him and insists that it is a conspiracy against him.

before several man received death penalty after they raped their own daughters.

Civil society is worried about this kind of violence against women inside the families and says if the government do not act seriously the number of violence will raise and it will change to a serious social problem.

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