Taliban Shot a Man and a Woman who had Run Away in Ghor Province

Local officials in Ghor province have informed Deutsch Welle—Persian that Taliban militants have shot dead a man and a woman in Ghor province. According to Daily Etilaat Roz and DW—Persian, Abdul Ghafar (28-30 years old) and Bibi Jan (20-22 years old) had fled from their homes in Shahrak district in Ghor on 22nd May.

Sources have reported that both the accused were married to another woman and man and had fallen in love with each other. After fleeing their home, Taliban terrorists under Gul Mohammad’s command capture them in Masjid Nigaar district and try them in a Kangaroo court and kill them subsequently.

Taliban are notorious for unlawful persecution in cases that involve reported adultery, running away from home and kidnapping. In certain circumstances, local strongmen also join hands with the Taliban. While most of these informal and unlawful persecutions take place in areas controlled by the Taliban, there have been cases that fall in government-controlled areas. Weak government institutions force residents to resort to local strongmen and even the Taliban to settle legal disputes.

As per Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission [AIHRC, 2017], number of cases of run-away from home increase by 3.7% in 2018 as compared to 2017, predominantly because of domestic violence. AIHRC (Tolonews, 2017) also reported that Taliban killed 12 persons and lashed 5 more in informal courts across Afghanistan in 2017.

Report by: Farshad

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