Bamiyan’s Criminal Governor

Since Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban regime, the conflict and human conflict have become broader and broader. The last three months continued to claim large numbers of civilian casualties under the Taliban regime. Attacks continued by the Taliban and other armed groups deliberately targeted all Afghan civilians and especially the Hazaras. Women and children continued to face violence, harassment, and intimidation.

 Still, Taliban armed groups were collectively responsible for the deliberate targeting and killing of civilians, including human rights and civil society activists, women rights activists, provincial government members, artists, humanitarian workers, judges, tribal and religious leaders, NGO and state employees. 

Currently, the Hazara people, due to their ethnicity and religion, are the main target of violence and human rights violations from the Taliban regime and other armed groups. From August 2021 till now, more than 100 Hazara’s have been killed by the Taliban and other armed groups. 

Amnesty International also reported that: Taliban forces unlawfully killed 13 ethnic Hazaras, including a 17-year-old girl, in Afghanistan’s Daykundi province after members of the security forces of the former government surrendered, and also Taliban have killed ten other Hazaras in Ghazni province. 

In the last three months, hundreds of Hazaras have been forced to leave their hometowns and their properties in different districts. The Taliban regime has displaced them, and their properties were given to the Taliban members. Reports say that it is still continued, and the Taliban has displaced many Hazara families. 

The enmity of the Taliban regime is a long-standing enmity with Hazara, because of their ethnicity, beliefs and has been going on for many decades. With their re-dominance in the country, this enmity intensifies and shows its new faces every day. 

Recently the Taliban appointed a new governor for Bamiyan province, and he is a criminal and human rights violator. Unfortunately, all Taliban board members are criminals and human rights violators. Each of them is directly responsible for the killing of many civilians. Abdullah Sarhadi, who has been appointed as the new governor of Bamiyan, is the one who has ordered to kill hundreds of Hazara civilians in the Yakowlang district.

When the Bamiyan city fell into the hand of the Taliban in 1999, the current governor of Bamiyan was the armed leader of the Taliban. He ordered directly to kill hundreds of Yakawlang civilians.  He is also one of the Taliban leaders who destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001. 

During 1999 and 2001, Abdulla Sarhadi was one of the most criminal leaders of the Taliban regime who had a strong role in the Hazaras genocide in Bamiyan. Hundreds of civilians have been killed by the current governor of the Taliban. Unfortunately, he has been appointed again, and he is not trustworthy and will accomplish his unfulfilled goals in Bamiyan. 

Certainly, he will try to kill some more Hazara’s under the name of human rights activists, artists, and others. He will also destroy the remaining cultural heritages of Bamiyan, which is the beauties of Land. 

Writer: N. Farzad

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