Demonstration against Deportation of Afghan Asylum Seekers in Stockholm

A big group of the Afghan immigrants were taken under costudy by the police in Marsta police station in north of Stockholm and deported in a group back to Afghanistan on Wednesday 11th of September. This news shocked the number of people which stood against deportation as this was the first time that a plenty number of Afghan asylum seekers were deported according the Swedish legislation (86 people) to Afghanistan.

Hundereds of people demonstrated against deportation to Afghanistan on september 10th.

On Tuesday 12th of September 2019 hundreds of people including asylum seekers came together from all over of Sweden to the Sergelstorget in Stockholm city. They were standing against the decision than the migration board made without considering the latest update about current Afghanistan security situation.

They want the migration board to reconsider its policy about Afghan immigrant’s deportation.

They came together to declare that Afghanistan is not livingly secure and tens of people are being targeted by suicide attacker. Suicide bombing are taking place in major cities that previously much secured like inside of Kabul.

This event was held by “liv utan gränser” (live without borders) group and they outlined an open letter addressing migration board.

“An immediate evaluation about Afghan women and children according to the united nation convention of human right is needed. And the current security situation of Afghanistan should be taken under the consideration before any decision is made regarding deporting Afghan asylum seeker”. Said Shokufa Barez a member of “live utan gränser” group.

Demonstration were gathered not only by asylum seekers but a bunch of politicians and a number of humanitarian organizations and followed by respective politician’s representative speech.

Ali Mirzaee and Maryam Haidari
Maryam Haidari and Ali Mirzaee are both atheists and they are worried about their future in Afghanistan while they have announced in media that they are both atheists

Among the protesters some under aged were also included who were supposed to turn back once they turn eighteenth. Ali Mirzaee and Marym Haidari were one of the contestants. They reside here in Sweden for more than four years. “We have been raised in Sweden and got educated with Swedish culture, but we are supposed to turn back to Afghanistan after they are deeply changed in thoughts and believes”. Says Ali Mirzaee. Maryam Haidari and Ali Mirzaee are both atheists and they are worried about their future in Afghanistan while they have announced in media that they are both atheists. “Afghanistan is not safe for atheists and we will be death to stone like ”Farkhunda Maleekzada” if we are sent back to Afghanistan” Said Maryam and Ali.

A recent survey by TrustLaw, a project of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, polled 213 women’s rights experts on what they consider to be the world’s worst place to be a woman.” Says amnesty international. Afghanistan in one of the worst countries to live for women according to this report of the amnesty international.

Though out the last year many suicide bombing taking place that have taken the life of thousands and hundreds of innocent Afghanistan residents which mostly happened in Kabul and cities around. Recently bunch of big explosions took place at schools, wedding parties, mosques and streets targeting unarmed city residents. Innocent people are being decapitated on the side roads. Taliban beheaded Abdul Samad Amiri the acting chief of regional human rights commission of Ghor provience on the 5th of September this year and ass well as Abdul Samad Amiri many other ordinary people who have mostly been Hazara ethnicity and they are called to be “Shitta” are killed and decapitated in the main roads during the last year.

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