And the War Crime Continues; Taliban Shot Dead Afghan Human Rights Defender

We at the condemn the barbaric killing of Abdul Samad Amiri; acting director of Afghanistan Human Rights Commission in Ghor province. Abdul Samad Amiri was kidnapped on his way to Ghor by the Taliban and his body was found earlier on September 5.

This killing follows Amnesty International‘s most recent publication that underscores the threat Afghan Human Rights Defenders are facing. Frontlinedefenders reported that Amiri “combat[ed] the surge in the murder and suicide of women which is closely linked to the general climate of violence and specifically the entrenched nature of domestic violence”.

In his most recent post on social media, Abdul Samad Amiri had promised to work towards betterment of his country:

“I have seen the trauma of more than 40 years’ civil war and feel wholeheartedly the affliction imposed on my people… whatever I do for my country, though insufficient to what I owe, makes me happy. I can’t forget or ignore the dreams for Afghanistan’s future and her place as a part of this world. Positive change will come to Afghanistan when every citizen knows we have a responsibility to work for her improvement. Despite the difficulties, I owe my life to this land and will work for its betterment so long as I live.”

Abdul Samad Amiri belonged to the historically persecuted Hazara community in Afghanistan.

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