Afghanistan Cemetery of civilians, especially women and children

Writer : Zalmay

The reflection of the most painful killings and beheadings of ISIS in Afghanistan is not complete. From suicide bombings and mass bombings by men to landmines to roadside mines, beheadings, shootings, wars, captives, hostages, and hundreds more, daily in a land as large as Afghanistan, It happens

On September 10, 2019, Sher Ahmad Ahmadi was working in a pharmacy where several people were dressed in strange clothes and with long beards, messy and dirty clothes, all of which were covered with lameness and the big tent of the famous Afghan and Pakistani religion. They came in to get the medicine they needed. “I have never forgotten that day,” he says. Their behavior was suspicious when they entered the pharmacy, they spoke Pashto with a foreign accent. They did not have a doctor’s prescription and they showed me some of their medicine pens on their mobile page. I took his mobile phone to find medicines, and I heard one of them whispering that the police force was approaching, and suddenly they left the pharmacy very quickly without receiving any medicine. I think they realised that they might fall into the trap of Afghan forces.

He has lost his wife Golsum Ahmadi and two daughters, 7-year-old Khadijah and 17-year-old Fatemeh, both of them were beheaded by ISIS forces.

It was not long before the police forces attacked the pharmacy and slapped me, accusing me of collaborating with them. I did not know who they were, and in any case, the drug dealer had to provide services to everyone. According to the commander of the Afghan force, they were ISIS and we did not attack these wanted and suspected ISIS members for fear of retaliation. In fact, ISIL members fled the house easily before being arrested.

ISIS is the most dangerous and hated terrorist force in the world, and it does not matter if it is the battlefield of Jalalabad or late at night in Syria. First, this terrorist group is trying to establish its presence in more parts of Afghanistan, and for this reason, it is trying to take over the events that have taken place in different parts of the country. On the other hand, ISIS wants to present itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Afghan process, as well as a threat to its neighbors. This is the goal that the ISIS terrorist group pursued after its emergence in Iraq and Syria.
For these reasons, the ISIS terrorist group and Taliban terrorists target most of Afghanistan’s major minorities, including Hazaras, Uzbeks, or other minority brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, in brutal and inhumane attacks. By attacking civilians, these groups seek to “muddy the water and catch fish” by attacking civilians, and their main goal is to intimidate, intimidate, and perpetuate unrest.

Sher Ahmad Ahmadi is an Afghan citizen who was caught in an accident due to a mistake made by government forces, which ultimately led to an irreparable tragedy. His wife Golsum Ahmadi and two daughters, 7-year-old Khadijeh and 17-year-old Fatemeh were beheaded by ISIS forces.
He says; In a situation where you do not have life expectancy and security and your life is always in danger. And every moment you expect torture and death, maybe death is like the only refuge for someone who has no point of hope and motivation to survive. Survival and fear are always captivity in the hands of the torturer who sips the sip of death. So, facing the scene of the murder of his wife and children, he decides to commit suicide, but his employer tries to help him.

The rise of ISIS in Afghanistan during the National Unity Government began in the Achin district of Nangarhar. In its first attempt, the group bombed a group that, according to ISIS, were members of the Taliban. The group surpassed the Taliban in a show of anger and violence and carried out suicide attacks on the country’s Shiite mosques to prove that ISIS was on its way to Iraq and Syria.

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