Resistance in Panjshir a new hope for free Afghanistan

Panshir was the last and the only state which resisted and did not accept to transfer the military power to Taliban and avoid to accept the legitimacy of Talbian. Taliban abandoned Panjshir and pressured on it by night attacks to take over the state. What matters most between people and activist on social media is that if Taliban would negotiate and govern or they would choose the dictatorship. After Taliban attacked Panjshir, people got sure that this could not be a united government in which all ethnics could be included. Young Ahmad Masoud 31, has the master of war studies at King’s College, London with no war experience and districts under his control is landlock by Taliban with no connection to borders of Tajikistan. Despite all he could lead the resistance group to push Taliban back from three districts.”We aim to build a free, independent and wealthy Afghanistan. Taliban must understand that Negotiation is the only solution” said Ahmad Masoud the young leader of resistance in Panjshir. Poeple joined the resistance by demonstration in other cities and soon two hashtags, “StandwithPanjshir and #SavePanjshir was trend in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Masoud the young leader of the resistance in Panjshir

By the way Taliban disconnected internet of these three districts and banned any kind of communication and facilitation. They show the world that they’ve kept their promises to the international community to avoid violation but local people inside Panjshir reported about night attacks. “Talibs have massed forces near the entrance of Panjshir a day after they got trapped in ambush zones of neighboring Andarab valley & hardly went out in one piece. Meanwhile Salang highway is closed by the forces of the Resistance. “There are terrains to be avoided”.Said Amrullah Saleh the vice president of former president Ashraf Ghani.

On the other way despite some disagreements between the Taliban leaders who would liked to share the power in Afghanistan. And as it took a long time to announce the new cabinet members, today a list of  temporary cabinet was announced which all are mullas from Pashtoon ethnicity. They have removed ministry of women from the list.

The latest list of Taliban cabinet.

Women of Afghanistan were the first supporters of Ahmad Masoud in other districts and cities. Women have changed, they have practiced the women rights and are connected to Social media. They are not same women in 20 years before and could not accept governing of Taliban which already removed the women ministry from the cabinet and have members from just one ethnicity. 

Kabul Today. The road healing for millions of us Afghans may be the protests led by brave Afghan women, asking for freedom. says @shahrzadAkbar

People who protect the resistance of Panjshir are getting larger. After Taliban killed Fahim Dashti the journalist and famous poet in Panjshir, Ahmad Masoud son of Ahamad-Shah-Masoud asked the nation of Afghanistan to break their silence and protect the resistance in Panjshir. “The international community has given a wrong political opportunity to Taliban and this group would show the world a fake face but Taliban has not changed and they are even worse.” said Ahmad Masoud in his voice message to the nation of Afghanistn. In response to his message, many People, mostly women came out to streets of Afghanistan and questioned the Taliban, about why they kill people in Panjshir and asked Pakistan to do not support Taliban by military facilities and forces.

Afghans in all over the world, are planning demonstrations on 11 sep 2021 in their cities to ask the world to do not support Taliban and do not recognize them as a legitimate government.

Reported and writen by Nargis Rezai

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