Women of Afghanistan protest against Taliban

After Taliban took over the power from Ashraf Ghani the former president of Afghanistan and shocked people by sudden entrance to Kabul on 19  August 2021, People could no longer feel safe when the national army surrendered and the security situation went to its worst stage for the coworkers of the US and foreign countries. Including myself, I saw every body were crying for help and asked their organizations and friends outside of Afghanistan to get their names in the evacuation lists to fly out of Kabul. “After former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai fled with $169 million cash and left the Afghanistan for Taliban. The Afghans do not trust Taliban and their Islam rather performed to mass migrate for an unknown destination”. said @SalehaSoadat. Girls removed their accounts in social media and changed their profile pictures and privacy settings and hide themselves under the ground. Unfortunately, this evacuation process was not succeeded and many who needed help left alone in Kabul, while people who were not in any kind of danger were evacuated. ” The whole concern is that US has evacuated the people with high capacities but I confess that there are just a few among this crowd in Qatar camp who were in danger. However saving life and dignity of all is important but this rescue operation is a complete failure.” wrote the evacuee Homaira Qaderi, an Afghan writer who tweeted from Doha Qatar camp.

Today After three weeks. I went out and joined the women of Kabul who have been protesting and demonstrating in small groups in different cities. Every day the group is getting bigger and more people raise their voice and join the women. Today women leaded demonstration in Kabul, Mazare sharif, Herat and Daykundi. Women shouted so bravely and their main slogans were “Death to Taliban”,  “Pakistan leave Afghanistan” and “Stop Genocide in Panjshir”. Taliban stopped women protester by arresting journalists according to a local news paper they arrest 14 women today. Taliban continued violence by whipping women and throwing away their mobile phones and finally opened indirect gun fires and blocked the protesters to demonstrate in front of Pakistan Embassy. Thus we had to walk to the alleys around the Embassy.

A group of women were kept for short time in Azizi Bank’s basement by Taliban in order to avoid them to join the protest. I was so inspired by brave women when I saw a Talib started gunfire and angrily said “go go otherwise I will shoot you!”. Some started to run. “Girls, do not run, just walk, do not show them that we afraid.” Said a woman among us. 

Young Hazar girl shouting “Pakistan leave Afghanistan” while she is surrounded by Taliban

“Women of Afghanistan are the first and main group which will be discriminated and deprived by Sharia Laws of Taliban, that is why they are the first groups that came to the streets.” says Amazon Rezai the women activist. In contrast to what Taliban try to show the Media, they did not let women to enter to the Herat university and In Kabul, and announced that men should to go back to work but women ought to stay at home until further notice. They also informed that in order to Sharia laws women are not allowed to work in Media and as artists. Taliban ordered the stores to remove painting or pictures of women on the billboards, walls and advertisement.

A man is removing the woman painting on the wall of his store in Kabul

In Ghor province, Taliban took the brain of Negar out of her head and brutally killed her in front of her children because she was a police officer in ex government.

Negar is a police officer. She was pregnant and brutally injured and killed by Taliban in front of her children.

Women of Afghanistan shout in social media that they do not and wont trust the Taliban anymore and they will show their real face soon. Taliban did not changed if they would change, they would not called Taliban anymore” said Muska Najib daughter of Dr. Najib the previous president who were killed by Taliban in 1990. Women in social media write that this is not the real face of Taliban. They have not yet get the control of the whole country. They are same people with same cloths and mentality. @AlinejadMAsih the iranian women right activist called women of Afghanitan brave because they are protesting against wiled Taliban who knows nothing about humanity. “As the Taliban go house to house with their lists of names, those who worked with west and prominent human rights activists are legitimately in fear of their lives. The list come from a sophisticated intelligence operation.” writes The Spectator

Sanam a famous TV presenter tells that “Taliban are not changed and the world should not trust them”

Reported and Written by: Nargis Rezai

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