Human Rights Violations against Hazaras in Malistan

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reports that the Taliban deliberately targeted civilians following the capture of Malistan district in Ghazni province. They reportedly killed 43 civilians and security force members, according to the Hinustan Times.

They attacked people’s homes, stole their property and burnt shops and houses, too. These actions are outright war crimes.

Malistan district of Ghazni province fell to the Taliban on the 21st of May 2021. The terrorist group also reportedly evicted a number of civilians from their homes and shot them. During the terrorist group’s control of the district, thousands of families were displaced and fear and terror were commonplace.

The Independent Human Rights Commission asserts that the Taliban cut telecommunication networks and set check-points in the villages to identify government employees and people involved in popular uprisings.

The terrorist group is famous for violating the basic principles of humanitarian law and the rules of armed conflict.

The AIHRC notes the number of civilians killed or injured by the group to be 37, which includes persons such as farmers, blacksmiths, children, women and elderly.

Written by N. Farzad

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