Open letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

After Many days mob killed 27 years old Farkhonda, social and human rights activist are still holding different campaigns to ask justice for Farkhonda. But shamefully, Afghanistan government and high officials did not have any talks about this violence case happened in center of Kabul. People are following the case very seriously, they ask justice…More

Afghan woman burned after mob heard she burned Koran

  Yesterday in center of Kabul city in Afghanistan mob beats 27 years old Afghan woman, Farkhonda to death before burning her body and dumping it in a river because she set fire to a Koran. Farkhonda was burned while her parents insist she had suffered from mental illness for past 16 years and that…More

Afghanistan: Abusive Strongmen Escape Justice

(Washington, DC) – Afghanistan’s new government should prosecute officials and commanders whose serious human rights abuses have long gone unpunished, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. US officials should press President Ashraf Ghani to take up justice for past abuses as a top priority during Ghani’s expected March 2015 visit to Washington,…More

Afghanistan officials sanctioned murder, torture and rape, says report

Human Rights Watch accuses high-ranking officials of allowing extrajudicial killings and brutal practices to flourish after fall of Taliban Top Afghan officials have presided over murders, abduction, and other abuses with the tacit backing of their government and its western allies, Human Rights Watch says in a new report. A grim account of deaths, robbery,…More

Free our artist and photojournalist Najibullah Musafer !

Najibullah Musafer famous Afghan artist and photographer transferred to Puli- Charkhi Prison. Najibullah Musafer the father of Afghan Photography, director of 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism Center, Photojournalist at Killed Group, sentenced to six months in prison and was transferred to Puli Charkhi prison where dozen of terrorist and Taliban members are in. He received…More

Gunmen kidnap 30 Hazaras in southern Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Gunmen in southern Afghanistan kidnapped 30 members of the Hazara ethnic community, authorities said Tuesday, in what appeared to be the latest in a series of attacks on Shiites in the predominantly Sunni country. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack Monday afternoon, police and officials said. The gunmen kidnapped the…More

Dispatches: Afghanistan’s Afshar Agonies Remembered

by: Ahmad Shuja Twenty-two years ago, residents of Kabul’s Afshar district awoke to the sound of rockets launched at them from a nearby mountainside. February 11, 1993, marked the bloody dawn of the Afshar campaign, one of the worst mass atrocities of Afghanistan’s civil war of the early 1990s. Powerful militia-backed faction leaders systematically planned…More

Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

Report Source : Alternet  “If the prisoners did not say anything useful, each dog got to take a turn on them,” Jack told Todenhoefer. “After procedure like these, they confessed everything. They would have even said that they killed Kennedy without even knowing who he was.” After the release of the CIA torture report by…More

No Justice for teenaged Afghanistan Immigrants during Forced Deportation in Norway

By: Kawa gharji It is nearly 12 years since the Taliban regime has fallen and a new government was established with the support of international communities accompanied by unprecedented support of people of Afghanistan. Over the past 100 years, no government in history of Afghanistan has experienced such level of widespread enthusiastic support. Before that,…More

OPEN LETTER The Afghan People’s 10-Point Road Map for Peace

To: His Excellency, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Excellency, We, on behalf of the biggest networks of Afghan civil society, congratulate you on your inauguration as President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We were pleased to note the prominence you gave in your inaugural address to good governance, human…More

How social media changed Afghan women life?

Somiya Rezaie Afghan blogger In 2013 I was awarded the global best blog Persian by “Deutsche welle”. Beside blogging I got involved into the community and start social activities in Kabul. Every thing start by blogging, a simple daily report of the world around me! Still I write because I believe in change. I start…More

Afghanistan: No justice for thousands of civilians killed in US/NATO operations

The families of thousands of Afghan civilians killed by US/NATO forces in Afghanistan have been left without justice, Amnesty International said in a new report released today. Focusing primarily on air strikes and night raids carried out by US forces, including Special Operations Forces, Left in the Dark finds that even apparent war crimes have…More

Sorry Latifa, You are a Hazara !

by an Independent Journalist ; Muhammad Younas  It was a pleasant day in Lal-o-Sar Jangal, Ghor Province Afghanistan. Latifa was thrilled since morning because she was going to Kabul City with her husband today for the honeymoon. Her husband, Nauroz had already told her to get all necessary stuff ready by 10pm. Nearly a month ago,…More

The story of the faceless girl

AFGHANISTAN/USA. This feature contains a picture of Afghan girl Aisha, 4. published at  EXPRESSEN Sweden  At the same time it is an important image, as it shows a side to the war on terrorism that the US does not want the world to see. It was on 7th September last year that an American drone hit the…More

Turkish limbo to Afghan Refugees

ISTANBUL – Refugees and Afghan asylum seekers is faced to big discrimination question into Turkish limbo and arms of smugglers. Turkey and UNHCR does not give refugee status to anybody from Afghanistan or outside Europe, in last few days a lot of people from around Turkey protest against discrimination and deafen policy, Asylum seekers said. The…More

Afghan Couple Find Idyllic Hide-Out in Mountains, but Not for Long

By ROD NORDLAND and New York Times  HINDU KUSH RANGE, Afghanistan — They eloped from their village in the Bamian Valley on the first day of spring, but their month on the run has taken them back into winter as they fled higher into these rugged mountains in centralAfghanistan. They stayed in the homes of friends when…More

Sardar Ahmad, charming and versatile AFP journalist

Kabul (AFP) – Shocked colleagues of Sardar Ahmad, the senior reporter in AFP’s Kabul bureau, Friday mourned the loss of a charming and talented journalist equally at ease covering Afghanistan’s wrenching conflict as with colourful tales – including a lion who lived on a roof. Ahmad, 40, was shot dead along with his wife Humaira…More

Karzai blocks law protecting perpetrators of domestic violence

Amnesty International commended President Hamid Karzai’s decision not to sign the draft Criminal Procedure Code, which would have denied justice to victims of rape, domestic violence and under-aged and forced marriage. The law was a threat to progress made on women’s human rights, and the President’s veto is welcome. The draft code passed by the…More


KABUL, 8 February 2014 – Civilian casualties in Afghanistan’s armed conflict increased by 14 per cent in 2013, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said today in releasing its 2013 Annual Report on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict. UNAMA documented 8,615 civilian casualties (2,959 civilian deaths and 5,656 injured) in 2013, marking a…More

The Truth Behind The Hazara Genocide

By Saif Khan Shia killings in Quetta, or call it the Hazara genocide, owe not only condemnation but also an explanation. How come that in a specific time in history of the province, its Shia citizens face a brutal massacre? Researches reveal that the causes have always been international political environment and the state policies…More

Afghanistan: Rights Setbacks Fan Future Fears

(Kabul) – Afghanistan’s human rights situation regressed in key areas in 2013, increasing uncertainty about the country’s future, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2014.Government policies on human rights were negatively affected by the end-2014 deadline for the withdrawal of international combat forces and the negotiations over US troop presence after 2014.…More

Why Hazaras are being Killed in Pakistan?

Once again Lashkar-e-Janghvi (LeJ) terrorists managed to kill 28 Hazara pilgrims including women and children in Mastung district, some 50km Southwest of Quetta City, Pakistan and the provincial government once again failed to protect the lives of its citizens. With respect to Hazara killings, the terrorists always get right information to murder Hazaras en masse outside of…More

‘Death Road’ blocks Afghan minority from homeland

MAIDAN SHAHR, Afghanistan — Maps refer to it as part of the Kabul-Behsud Highway. Motorists call it Death Road. A 30-kilometer (18-mile) stretch of two paved lanes heading west from the town of Maidan Shahr in central Afghanistan has seen many beheadings, kidnappings and other Taliban attacks in recent years against members of the minority…More

EU and Afghanistan: Mission Accomplished, Women Abandoned?

Author(s): Gauri Van Gulik and Heather Barr Published in:  EU Observer UK Prime Minister David Cameron may feel that his country’s Afghanistan mission is “accomplished,” but Afghan women paint a much bleaker picture. Despite 12 years of armed conflict, investment and capacity-building by foreign governments in Afghanistan, including by European Union governments and the EU itself, women’s rights remain…More

Suicide vest nine-year-old tells her story

A young girl was detained at a checkpoint in southern Afghanistan wearing what officials said was a suicide vest. Spozhmai, who says she is nine years old, is now in the protective custody of the provincial government. This is her story in her own words. It was late evening, the mullah was calling for prayers…More

YARI: What will happen to Afghan women?

A letter to the president on the state of Afghan women  (by Gaisu Yari ) Dear Barack Obama, I am a college student in the middle of exams. However, unlike most college students, I am not a native English speaker; in fact, I am one of the few girls who managed to leave Afghanistan to find a…More

In Afghanistan, Women Betrayed

By HEATHER BARR / The New York Times  KABUL, Afghanistan — When, in late November, I read a draft law prepared by Afghan government officials that reintroduced execution by stoning as the punishment for the “crime” of adultery, I was horrified but not that surprised. The draft, leaked to me by someone desperate to prevent reinstatement of…More

Empowering Women in Afghanistan: Interview with Anita Haidary at Global Voices

Anita Haidary is an Afghan women’s rights activist and co-founder of Young Women for Change(YWC), a non-governmental organization aiming to empower and improve the lives of women in Afghanistan. She is now studying Film Studies at an American college, while continuing to advocate for Afghan women’s rights. Global Voices has interviewed Anita about her activism and…More

Presidential candidates vows to implement transitional justice

The presidential election candidates have vowed to take practical steps in implementing transitional justice against the war criminals in the country. Head of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, Seema Samar said the candidates presented their plans and programs on transitional justice during a summit to mark the human rights day. Samar further added…More

‘Afghan family’ among those deported from Sweden ..

Writen by Abdul Ghafoor around 20 Afghan refugees deported from Sweden arrived at Kabul international Airport today. This is the 4th Mass deportation from Sweden in the past few months. However there have not been many cases were families are deported. But this deportations includes a family of 5 with 3 children . In a…More


By Edris Joya For more than sixty years, December 10th has been celebrated as the Human Rights Day . The remembrance is a commemoration of the declaration of human rights, which was passed on December 10th in 1948. But at the same time, it is an annual reminder. It shows us how year after year…More

Staffers for French aid organization killed in Afghanistan

Six local staffers working for French aid group ACTED have been killed by suspected Taliban gunmen, according to officials. The staffers were working on a government-backed literacy project in the north of the country. The victims were dragged from their car and shot Wednesday in the Pashtun Kot district of Faryab, which borders Turkmenistan. Provincial…More

Couple executed for having love affair in northern Afghanistan

A tribal court ordered to execute a couple accused of having illegitimate relations in northern Afghanistan, local government officials said. A spokesman for the provincial security commandment, Ahmad Javid Basharat confirming the report said, the tribal court accused the couple for having illegitimate relations and were convicted with having love affair outside marriage. Mr. Basharat…More

Iran: Afghan Refugees and Migrants Face Abuse

(Kabul) – The government of Iran’s policies toward its Afghan refugees and migrant population violate its legal obligations to protect this vulnerable group from abuse, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Iranian forces deport thousands of Afghans summarily, without allowing them the opportunity to prove they have a right to remain in…More

Afghan MPs, Refugee hosting countries must respect the refugee conventions…

Today 9th November 2013 dozens of deportees and the families of those affected by deportations gathered in front of Afghan Parliament to demonstrate against deportations to Afghanistan. The demonstration started at sharp 8 and ended 10:15 Am local time Mr Ramazan Bashardost was the first person to come and talk to those who had gathered…More

28 Afghan human rights, women’s rights and civil society organisations and networks publish today an open letter to Ms. Navi Pillay, UN Human Rights Commissioner

Afghan human rights, women’s rights and civil society organisations and networks publish today an open letter to Ms. Navy Pillay, UN Human Rights Commissioner and draw her attention to serious human rights violations and offer detailed recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan and the International Criminal Court. Open letter to Ms Navi Pillay, UN Human…More

Afghanistan: Child Marriage, Domestic Violence Harm Progress

President Karzai Should Enforce Violence Against Women Law ! Amina R. (not her real name) sleeps with her newborn baby in a hospital in Kabul. © 2002 Paula Bronstein/Getty Images (New York) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai should take urgent action to fight child marriage and domestic violence or risk further harm to development and…More

Afghanistan: Worsening violence against children in Afghanistan

KABUL, 21 June 2013 (IRIN) – One of the victims of last month’s attack on the International Organization for Migration (IOM) compound in the Afghan capital is still to be identified – a six year old boy. The child’s body, found near the attack site, has not been claimed and the police have not been…More

Resolution Statement of Afghan Civil Society and Human Rights Activists

Facts and realities from the world history are demonstrating that universities and academic spectrum have always functioned as the cornerstone for nurturing elites, the production and reproduction of wisdom, social consciousness, cultural awareness and political awareness, having paved the way for and strengthening human development and civilization. After the brutal 9/11 incident and the subsequent global…More

Life as One of the Most Persecuted Ethnic Groups on the Planet

Your ancestors have lived there for hundreds of years, but you are a minority. In fact, you are a minority two times over, because the religion you practice is different from the one most people practice, and the way you look is different from the way most people look. In the 1890’s, Emir Abdur Rahman…More

Afghanistan’s Women Increasingly Jailed For ‘Moral Crimes’

KABUL, Afghanistan — The number of Afghan women and girls jailed for “moral crimes” has risen dramatically in the past 18 months, raising concerns that gains in women’s rights might be reversed with the withdrawal of most international troops next year, a rights group said Tuesday. New York-based Human Rights Watch said 600 females are…More

Terrorist attack on 3 April in Farah province of Afghanistan

4 April 2013 – The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack on 3 April in Farah province of Afghanistan, causing numerous deaths and injuries of mostly civilians. The members of the Security Council expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims, and to the people…More