Recent Terrorist Attacks on Educational Facilities

Afghan Human Rights team condemns the barbaric attacks on the Kabul University and the Kausar-e-Danish college preparation center in Kabul, Afghanistan. These atrocities are targeting the very soul of an enlightened Afghanistan. These attacks are outright war-crimes and underscore the threats to the Hazara community in particular and the younger generation of Afghans who choose…More

Afghan Citizens Burnt to Death; Abuse and Drowning in Iran

Afghan citizens burned to death, abuse and drowning in Iran. Recent incident of Iranian police shooting at refugees’ vehicle and causing it to catch fire was followed by beating, torturing and drowning of several other Afghan refugees. This comes only weeks after multiple Afghan migrants drowned in Iran, as border police forced them to cross…More

State Injustice in the Name of God

Apostasy includes acts in the forms of “blasphemy, heresy, and mockery of the Islamic community”[i]. This article by Farshad details the legal codes that are used to address apostasy cases in Afghanistan, the injustices they inflict and calls for a few actions to protect the life and freedom of Afghans from its ailing justice system.…More

Afghanistan Cemetery of civilians, especially women and children

Writer : Zalmay The reflection of the most painful killings and beheadings of ISIS in Afghanistan is not complete. From suicide bombings and mass bombings by men to landmines to roadside mines, beheadings, shootings, wars, captives, hostages, and hundreds more, daily in a land as large as Afghanistan, It happens On September 10, 2019, Sher…More

And the War Crime Continues; Taliban Shot Dead Afghan Human Rights Defender

We at the condemn the barbaric killing of Abdul Samad Amiri; acting director of Afghanistan Human Rights Commission in Ghor province. Abdul Samad Amiri was kidnapped on his way to Ghor by the Taliban and his body was found earlier on September 5. This killing follows Amnesty International‘s most recent publication that underscores the…More

Amnesty International: Human Rights Defenders are being targeted in Afghanistan

Farshad Amnesty International released its finding about Human Rights Defenders in Afghanistan who are being targeted both by state and non-state actors and facing the neglect and inability of state, too. BBC Persian quoted Omar Waraich—Deputy South Asia Director—that “Human Rights Defenders not only live in a dangerous environment but are also being threatened by…More

Taliban Threatens Media as a Military Target

By: Fatima H Bakhsh On June 24, the Taliban threatened media and journalists in Afghanistan to stop their anti-Taliban ads funded by the Afghan and US governments. This happens while the Taliban leaders are negotiating over peace with the US officials to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s military commission gave a week…More

Taliban Shot a Man and a Woman who had Run Away in Ghor Province

Local officials in Ghor province have informed Deutsch Welle—Persian that Taliban militants have shot dead a man and a woman in Ghor province. According to Daily Etilaat Roz and DW—Persian, Abdul Ghafar (28-30 years old) and Bibi Jan (20-22 years old) had fled from their homes in Shahrak district in Ghor on 22nd May. Sources…More

Urgent Call to Stop Taliban Atrocities Against Hazaras in Afghanistan

Each person one letter لینک فارسی نامه را اینجا بخوانید We exist not to let the history repeat itself. As we fight in the trenches against the armies of terror and horror, as we cry out loud in the streets against apparatus of discrimination and prejudice, we will raise our voice for justice by any…More

Rising Concerns about sectarian Wars in Afghanistan

Urozgan, Afghanistan. More than a week of fighting between Taliban and Hazara villagers and its loyal fighters has heightened fears of a dangerous new phase of sectarian violence in Afghanistan. In the violence where the Afghan government itself has its influences to the sectarian war and ethnic cleansing, to get its political agenda with Taliban…More

Afghanistan: Death Toll Soars to 68 in Suicide Bomb Attack

At least 68 killed and 165 injured in attacks targeting demonstrators and schools in eastern Nangarhar province. The death toll from a suicide bomb attack at a protest gathering in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar on Tuesday has risen to 68, with 165 wounded, a government official said. The provincial governor’s spokesman, Attaullah Khogyani,…More

Pyramid of Terror and Atrocities

Upon the withdrawal of the Soviet Forces, notorious warlords dominated the political climate in Kabul and overthrew Najeeb’s Government. These warlords were party to a brutal and far-reaching civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands. Subsequent rule by the Taliban brought a new face to this horror. Taliban deprived Afghans of their…More

Taliban Lashed Afghan Lovers

In a Kangaroo Court, the Taliban militants lashed a couple on charges of having affair. The young lovers had escaped from village of Kohistanat district to Ghor province while their family rejected their marriage and than returned back to their houses by inductions of elders. They were back to their home region following mediation by…More

Afghanistan suicide bomb attack: Dozens killed in Kabul

UN SECRETARY-GENERAL ON AFGHANISTAN NEW YORK – The Secretary-General condemns the attack today on the Tabyan Cultural Center as well as a media outlet in Kabul. The indiscriminate attack caused hundreds of civilian casualties, including women and children. The Secretary-General extends his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to those injured. He expresses his solidarity with the people and…More


UNAMA prepares regular reports in accordance to its mandate under UN Security Council resolution 2274 (2016) “to monitor the situation of civilians, to coordinate efforts to ensure their protection, to promote accountability, and to assist in the full implementation of the fundamental freedoms and human rights provisions of the Afghan Constitution and international treaties to…More

Situation of Women Employed in Defense and Security Sectors

It is for more than a decade and a half that Afghan women have gained significant achievements and such accomplishments have always been appreciated in the assemblies as one of the best developments of the Afghan government and the positive impact of the international community’s presence in Afghanistan. The presence of women in our society…More

Human Rights and Fight against Corruption

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) held the Conference on “Human Rights and Fight against Corruption” on Wednesday, 8 November, 2017. At this Conference, in addition to the leadership of the AIHRC, a number of government officials and ambassadors from the countries supporting Afghanistan also participated. At the Conference, it was emphasized that, as…More

The Pain Behind the Numbers of Afghanistan’s Deadly Attacks

Slight Fall in Ground Fighting Civilian Casualties by Government Forces Patricia Gossman HRW Senior Researcher, Afghanistan When I was in Kabul a few days ago, I caught up with an old Afghan friend, who remarked that the relentless violence in Afghanistan is hard for outsiders to comprehend. The mounting toll of dead and wounded has…More

Migration, the only way to survive for afghan teens

Perhaps no one is willing to accept the absence of their homeland, family, and friends. Accepting a way full of uncertainty and danger through smugglers to arrive in a place where you can survive is also not an easy task to do but all these become very easy to do so if you find yourself…More

Hazara Massacre Continues in Afghanistan

The July 23rd, 2016 attack on peaceful Hazara protesters was the deadliest attack since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. 107 Hazaras, the majority of whom were university students, were killed and over 500 others were wounded in a double suicide attack followed by a volley of gunfire by unknown gunmen. Although the…More

‘God forgot Afghanistan’ trending equal rights

On Saturday 23 July, 80 people were killed and about 230 wounded by a double suicide attack on marchers in Kabul. The majority of them were from the country’s Hazara minority. Afghan Independent human rights Commission strongly condemned <bomb blast and mercilessly killing of civilians during protest “Enlightening Movement ” is a great tragedy and…More

Afghanistan: Taliban Child Soldier Recruitment Surges

Children Trained in Madrasas to Fight, Plant IEDs (New York) – Taliban forces in Afghanistan have added scores of children to their ranks since mid-2015 in violation of the international prohibition on the use of child soldiers, Human Rights Watch said today. New Human Rights Watch research shows that the Taliban have been training and deploying children…More

CPJ condemns attack on Tolo TV employees in Afghanistan

New York, January 20, 2016–A suicide bombing in Kabul today killed seven people, including six employees of the Afghan station Tolo TV, according to news reports. The attack on staff returning from work at the privately owned station injured 27 others, including 26 staff, according to Tolo TV. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the…More

Dear American misogynists: Afghan women are not oppressed for you

By Noorjahan Akbar Today is the last day of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Every year, reading the powerful testimonies of woman who have overcome this most common form of violence inspires me and reminds me of how global inequality is. For the past six years, I have had the privilege of speaking…More

Ashraf Ghani is part of our shame!

Full video interview is here at DW.DE News  Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says women’s rights are a priority commitment. But how is he planning on ensuring them and how will he fight corruption, security threats and human rights violations in his country? 2015 has been a tough year for Afghanistan. In the first eight months…More

UNAMA condemns murder of seven civilians in Zabul

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) condemns the murder by anti-Government elements of seven civilians, including two women, one girl and two boys, in the southern province of Zabul. The seven civilians were abducted last month and executed between 6 and 8 November in Arghandab district while armed clashes were reported there between…More

Afghan terror groups beheaded Hazras in Afghanistan

Taliban and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan have beheaded three women and four men of Hazara hostages in southern Zabul province of Afghanistan. According to the local government officials, the victims were Hazrara hostages who were kidnapped by the terror groups from a main highway in this province. The provincial police chief Jilani Farahi confirmed…More

Taliban Stone Woman To Death In Afghanistan

RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan has obtained video footage from an eyewitness that appears to show the brutal stoning last week of a 19-year-old Afghan woman in the central province of Ghor. The two-minute clip shows a group of men throwing stones with increasing intensity at a covered individual crammed in a hole in the ground.…More

Gunmen kill 13 Hazara passengers in north Afghanistan

Assailants shoot dead 13 Harazas travelling in vehicles in usually tranquil northern province, while sparing a woman. Unknown gunmen have killed 13 members of the ethnic Hazara minority travelling in two vehicles in a usually tranquil northern Afghan province. The victims, all male passengers, were plucked from their vehicles and shot dead from close range…More

Dispatches: A Court-Sanctioned Lashing in Afghanistan

By Heather Barr Senior Researcher, Women’s Rights Division. It’s a scene we associate with the Taliban. A woman covered head to toe in a flowing veil, huddled on the ground before a man in a turban. His right arm is raised, in motion, holding a lash, a second away from bringing it down on her.…More

Letter re: Afghanistan Senior Official Meetings

Pauline Hayes Deputy Director, Western Asia and Stabilization Division Department for International Development United Kingdom Dear Mrs. Hayes, We write to you ahead of the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in September in Kabul to urge the United Kingdom to strengthen its support for the protection and promotion of human rights in Afghanistan through continued emphasis…More

What Latest Attacks Mean for Afghanistan’s Path to Peace

Friday is a rest day in Kabul, our weekend. I was staying with my sister and her family Thursday and woke in the middle of the night to a loud noise and whispers about whether what we had just heard was a rocket. The next day we learned Kabul had suffered its deadliest attack since…More

Relations between law and violence against women, need for an action!

By : Khatera Kamal Nateqi Farkhonda was killed in the capital, Kabul, the event once again Showed that women still do not have security in Afghanistan. Government is obliged to prevent these disorders of legal, cultural, Social and religious causes and do not let such similar events happen in the future. No doubt that attack on…More

Free our artist and photojournalist Najibullah Musafer !

Najibullah Musafer famous Afghan artist and photographer transferred to Puli- Charkhi Prison. Najibullah Musafer the father of Afghan Photography, director of 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism Center, Photojournalist at Killed Group, sentenced to six months in prison and was transferred to Puli Charkhi prison where dozen of terrorist and Taliban members are in. He received…More

Gunmen kidnap 30 Hazaras in southern Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Gunmen in southern Afghanistan kidnapped 30 members of the Hazara ethnic community, authorities said Tuesday, in what appeared to be the latest in a series of attacks on Shiites in the predominantly Sunni country. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack Monday afternoon, police and officials said. The gunmen kidnapped the…More

Dispatches: Afghanistan’s Afshar Agonies Remembered

by: Ahmad Shuja Twenty-two years ago, residents of Kabul’s Afshar district awoke to the sound of rockets launched at them from a nearby mountainside. February 11, 1993, marked the bloody dawn of the Afshar campaign, one of the worst mass atrocities of Afghanistan’s civil war of the early 1990s. Powerful militia-backed faction leaders systematically planned…More

Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

Report Source : Alternet  “If the prisoners did not say anything useful, each dog got to take a turn on them,” Jack told Todenhoefer. “After procedure like these, they confessed everything. They would have even said that they killed Kennedy without even knowing who he was.” After the release of the CIA torture report by…More

No Justice for teenaged Afghanistan Immigrants during Forced Deportation in Norway

By: Kawa gharji It is nearly 12 years since the Taliban regime has fallen and a new government was established with the support of international communities accompanied by unprecedented support of people of Afghanistan. Over the past 100 years, no government in history of Afghanistan has experienced such level of widespread enthusiastic support. Before that,…More

OPEN LETTER The Afghan People’s 10-Point Road Map for Peace

To: His Excellency, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Excellency, We, on behalf of the biggest networks of Afghan civil society, congratulate you on your inauguration as President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We were pleased to note the prominence you gave in your inaugural address to good governance, human…More

How social media changed Afghan women life?

Somiya Rezaie Afghan blogger In 2013 I was awarded the global best blog Persian by “Deutsche welle”. Beside blogging I got involved into the community and start social activities in Kabul. Every thing start by blogging, a simple daily report of the world around me! Still I write because I believe in change. I start…More

Afghanistan: No justice for thousands of civilians killed in US/NATO operations

The families of thousands of Afghan civilians killed by US/NATO forces in Afghanistan have been left without justice, Amnesty International said in a new report released today. Focusing primarily on air strikes and night raids carried out by US forces, including Special Operations Forces, Left in the Dark finds that even apparent war crimes have…More

Sorry Latifa, You are a Hazara !

by an Independent Journalist ; Muhammad Younas  It was a pleasant day in Lal-o-Sar Jangal, Ghor Province Afghanistan. Latifa was thrilled since morning because she was going to Kabul City with her husband today for the honeymoon. Her husband, Nauroz had already told her to get all necessary stuff ready by 10pm. Nearly a month ago,…More

The story of the faceless girl

AFGHANISTAN/USA. This feature contains a picture of Afghan girl Aisha, 4. published at  EXPRESSEN Sweden  At the same time it is an important image, as it shows a side to the war on terrorism that the US does not want the world to see. It was on 7th September last year that an American drone hit the…More

Turkish limbo to Afghan Refugees

ISTANBUL – Refugees and Afghan asylum seekers is faced to big discrimination question into Turkish limbo and arms of smugglers. Turkey and UNHCR does not give refugee status to anybody from Afghanistan or outside Europe, in last few days a lot of people from around Turkey protest against discrimination and deafen policy, Asylum seekers said. The…More

Afghan Couple Find Idyllic Hide-Out in Mountains, but Not for Long

By ROD NORDLAND and New York Times  HINDU KUSH RANGE, Afghanistan — They eloped from their village in the Bamian Valley on the first day of spring, but their month on the run has taken them back into winter as they fled higher into these rugged mountains in centralAfghanistan. They stayed in the homes of friends when…More